Thursday, July 23, 2015

Handmade Soap! Lavender Honey Soap! Simply Soap!

*NEW*!!! - Lavender Honey Soap

I was instantly inspired to make this soap while reading lavender recipes - how to make lavender honey! (My lavender bush is bursting with buds!) Why not make it in soap?!?! Half lavender scented, half honey scented, and all enriched with organic beeswax and golden honey! An absolute skin and olfactory sensory delight; leaves your skin super-softened and scented of lavender, honey and a wee hint of beeswax!! My new favorite soap! (And when you perspire, it only seems to intensify the delicious scent!)

You can find it here! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jewelweed Soap - Poison Ivy / Oak / Sumac Relief! Handmade Soap!

You asked, and yes, we've re-stocked it! 
*JEWELWEED SOAP* - Poison ivy/oak/sumac or any toxin relief! 
I deally, it's best to have this soap on-hand BEFORE you have a poison encounter! You'll need it right away! Keep some in your medicine cabinet as well as part of your camping/hiking/RV/first aid gear---just in case!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Handmade Handcrafted shea butter soap!

Customers often ask me what my favorite ingredient is to work with! So hard to choose, there's SO MANY! But virgin (unrefined) African shea butter has to be near the top of the list! It's SO FANTASTIC IN SOAP! You can even use shea butter straight on any dry areas for instant relief (cracked heels, elbows, hands)! I use it as fully 5% of our popular Rustic Soap Collection soaps. I order my shea butter from a coop that purchases from African women of Ghana, who hand-crush the shea nuts into butter! Purchasing from them supplies much-needed jobs ....something else to feel good about, besides gently-cleaned, well-moisturized, gloriously scented (or unscented) SKIN!